LTN 450                      Essays in Roman Public Affairs                        Spring 2009

Edwin Carawan, 390A Craig

office hours: 1MWF, 3:30TTh


Texts:  Sallust's Bellum Catilinae, ed. with comm., J. T. Ramsey (Atlanta 1983 or subsequent edn.). Ramsey provides a helpful web site at:

After Spring break, we turn to Sallust's Bellum Jugurthinum: a handy commentary is J.R. Hawthorn's Sallust, Rome and Jugurtha (1969); online text cited below.

You will also need a good dictionary, such as C.T. Lewis's (so-called) An Elementary Latin Dictionary (1890 or subsequent edn.)

Requirements: competent translation based on command of vocabulary and grammar, using dictionary, commentary and other references. That 'competent translation'  sometimes requires a basic familiarity with the political and intellectual climate that informs  this influential text.

Translating in class should not be a recitation of a prepared version.  You may want to write out a translation as part of your preparation, and occasionally I will ask for those versions as homework. But (ultimately) you will not be allowed to consult them in class.  Keep a list of essential vocabulary with principal parts and problematic constructions.

 The course grade will consist of 2-3 quizzes (1/3), Final Examination (1/3) and record of daily participation (1/3. 

 For each day’s participation, you should be prepared to read aloud with some facility, translate accurately, and be informed of the issues and background (as introduced by Ramsey et al.).

 For rules regarding attendance, make-ups,  non-discrimnation and special accomodations,  see online Policy statement.

Review materials: 

Noun Chart      ...       Verb Chart

Subjunctive: Form    and    Uses.

Vocab help  and historical  Background


Tentative schedule

Quiz 1  (on or about) Feb.13 (Fri.):  you will have a choice of passages to translate.


 ---Spring Break  (Mar. 23-7)---

Quiz 2 ... Apr. 3, take home (or as arranged), translation: passages chosen from Bellum Catilinae chh. 45-end


Bellum Jugurthinum (selections, as time permits)


Final Exam ... Monday May 11, 9am (or as arranged)

Schedule for Exam Period