LLT 121....Classical Mythology.... Spring 2015 

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Texts and Materials:

Required readings are taken from Barry Powell, Classical Mythology, 7th edn; you may use the 6th edn or even the 5th, but be alert to page-changes; Grene and Lattimore, Greek Tragedies, vol. I. (GT), or https://bacchicstage.wordpress.com

    An abbreviated but adequate guide is provided for each Unit, with direct links from the syllabus below. A more detailed Outline to the readings in Powell is available online here.

    Additional resources can be found online at http://www.perseus.tufts.edu.


Objectives: This course is designed as an introduction to the gods and heroes of Greek Mythology, as they are represented in literature and art. The chief objectives are:

    (1) To gain a basic knowledge of the principal Greek myths representing how the world works and where human beings belong in the cosmos.

    (2) To understand how myth develops in response to social factors--how typical relationships in a society (such as marriage customs and political control) shape the stories in myth and are thus reflected in myth.

    (3) To appreciate the difference in perspective that ancient society reveals in myth--to understand how ancient culture constructs identity and responsibility from different assumptions than our own.

Requirements: The course grade is based on 4 quizzes (total 60%), in-class exercises (total 10%) and Final exam (30%). The quizzes are primarily short answer and ID, to assure a command of the basic terms (practice quizzes linked to this syllabus). The in-class exercises focus on the tragedies and other primary sources, to test basic comprehension. The final exam is largely short answer but includes outlines and discussion questions.

Expectations: Readings should be completed for the assigned date. Superior participation in class may be credited as much as a letter grade. To make up missed work or make special arrangements, you should have a documented necessity (medical need, legal obligation, etc.).

Cheating or plagiarism on any work will be subject to the sanctions listed in Student Academic Integrity Policies p. 4, proportionate to the value of the work: no credit for exercise; course F on quiz; XF on Final.

Special considerations: We strongly support University policies to accommodate students with disabilities and to prevent or remedy discrimination of any kind. If you have a concern or special need, please advise the instructor. In regard to disabilities, you may also contact Disability Services (836-4192) http://www.missouristate.edu/disability; regarding discrimination, the Equal Opportunity Officer (836-4252) or go to http://www.missouristate.edu/human/eoaa.htm. See also the general Policy Statement.


The following schedule refers to Chapters in Powell 7th edn (you may use earlier editions but be alert to chapter changes) and Tragedies in GT  or bacchicstage.

Note changes in RED due to snow day, Feb. 17:



Jan. 13. . . Intro: Mythmaking and Society (ch. 1)

(3 Theories briefly illustrated)


Unit I:  Chapters 2-5 (and Prometheus)


Jan. 15 ... Ch. 2, pp. 18-49: Myth and Cultural Context

  Culture Clash ... Sex & Society


Jan. 20 ... Ch. 3 (pp. 52-74).Origins and the Near East: ...  very rough timeline


Jan. 22 . . . Ch. 4. Creation 1, Triumph of Zeus ...(for names of the Olympians, see Unit II, below)  Greek and NE Succession Compared


Jan. 27 ... Ch. 5. Creation 2, Making of Man

Jan. 29 ... Review and discussion


Feb. 3 — Quiz 1 (Chh. 2-5)


Feb. 5 . . . Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound (in GT)


Unit II: Chh. 6-8--Olympians


Feb. 10-12 ... Ch. 6-8. Loves of Zeus, bros. & sons

Feb. 19-24 ... Ch. 9. the Great Goddesses



Feb. 26 — Quiz 2 (Chh. 6-8 & Prometheus)


Unit III: Chh. 10-12 and Hippolytus

Mar. 3 ... Euripides' Hippolytus (in GT)

Mar. 5 ...Ch.10. Demeter


***Spring Break, Mar. 7-15 ***

Mar. 17…Ch. 11. Dionysus

Mar. 19 ... Ch.12. Land of the Dead


Mar. 24 . . . . . . Quiz 3 (Chh. 9-11 & Hippolytus)

***No Class Mar. 26 ***


Unit IV: Chh. 14-17 Heroic Saga


Mar. 31-Apr. 7 ...Chh. 14- 15. Perseus & Heracles

***Spring Holiday, Apr. 2***


Apr. 9-14 ... Chh.16-17, Theseus and Athens.


April 16 . . . Quiz 4 (Chh. 14-17)


Unit V: Chh. 18-22, Thebes & Troy


Apr. 21 ... Ch. 18, Theban Cycle

Apr. 23 ....Ch. 19, Jason & Medea


Apr. 28-30... Chh.20-21. Trojan War

May 5  ... Ch. 22. Odysseus

May 7 ... Review and discussion


Final Exam: Tues. May 12, at 1:15* 

                (or Thurs. May 14 at 11am, by arrangement)