GRK 202   Spring 2013


Dr. Edwin Carawan            Office Hours: 10:30 MWF, 12:30 TTh

115 Siceluff,  phone 836-4831


Texts and Materials: Balme & Lawall, Athenaze vol. II (2nd edn.Oxford 2003);

Selections from Herodotus (Barbour, ed.Oklahoma UP); you will also need your Greek Lexicon; standard text of New Testament recommended; additional readings and exercises online.


Objectives and Requirements:

The main objective in this course is to develop basic competence for reading continuous prose. To that end we will read extended passages from Herodotos, building upon the adapted material we covered in Athenaze (in 201). We begin with review, then finish up the grammar with the Perfect Active and additional constructions.

         After 4 weeks we turn to the primary text full time, with occasional grammar refreshers (for which you can refer back to the online charts and synopses from 201) and change-of-pace with Luke.

            Once again, try to master the reading passages for clear and accurate translation, but keep up your practice in pronunciation, reading aloud in Greek.

            When we turn to continuous reading, you will not be allowed to use a prepared translation: keep and consult notes of new vocabulary,  problematic grammar and phrasing, but be prepared to read the Greek that's there.

The course grade will be the average of 3 quizzes (50%), homework and in-class exercises (15%); and final exam (25); plus my record of day-to-day participation (10%).

            See Policy on Academic Integrity, Make-ups, special needs and non-discrimination.


As always, thorough preparation and active participation day-by-day is absolutely essential.


Jan.14. . . Χαίρετε! Have a look at the final. Remember the 'Noun chart'

Begin Review Reading: Herodotos I.1


Jan. 16 . . .   Review Infinitives      In Hdt I.1   list infinitives in indirect statement with subject acc.                   

Jan 18  ... Herodotos I.2-3.               Review Participles  with Chart. 

 In the reading passage, list all participles and identify subject. In-class exercise.


Jan 23 ...  Herodotos I. 4 ... Review Subjunctive and Optative

with Chart , practice 3rd.-sing. Synopses for λαμβάνω, τιμάω, τίθημι

Study Key Constructions


Jan 25 ... Review Exercise: (a)  Synopses. (b-c) Review Readings, Hdt. I.1-4 --be prepared to translate; identify constructions; for infinitives give other tenses (pres. fut. aor. aor.pass. (perfpass extra)).


Jan. 28 ... Athenaze: Ch. 28a. Study Perfect Active, pp. 206-11, w/ exx. 28γ-ε.

Jan. 30  ...  Read 28α, 'Apollo Saves Croesus'

Feb. 1 ... Study grammar, pp. 219-20  (οἶδα, κτλ.) and Finish the story of Croesus (28β), pp. 216-17.  Odyssey beginning


Feb. 4 ... Review and Practice: learn half the Verblist, and write out 2 synopses, w/ perfect & pluperfect active; read 'Croesus Learns...' (pp.221-2); plus ex. 28θ (atp). 


Feb. 6 ...Quiz 1: vocab from VerbList; synopsis (w/ perfect); translation from Ath 28.


Feb. 8-27 ... Reading in Herodotos

   Problems with Pronouns     Basic Vocab

   Idioms and Vocab 2 (with pp. 57-60)


Mar. 4… Review for Quiz 2: Focus pp.  54, 57-9

Mar. 6 . . Quiz 2


Mar. 8-Apr. 8... Continued Reading in Herodotos, Story of Atys and Adrastos,


  Vocab. for pp. 60-1 

  Vocab. for pp. 62-3.


   Vocab,  pp. 64-6. 

              Vocab pp. 66-7 

                          Vocab pp. 69-70



April 10 … exercise in Essential Vocabulary  


Optional written trans. pp. 76-7, ‘Capture of Sardis’      


Apr. 15 … review, pp. 68-71

Apr. 17 ... Quiz 3 (pp. 60-71)



May 8 … Practice and Review: Final is         2/3 new material (4 of 6  passages from pp. 75-84),

                                                             1/3 review ( 2 of 4 from review sheet)


Final Exam...     Wed. May 15, 9am

             (or as arranged)