LTN 460   Fall 2008


Dr. Edwin Carawan

Office Hours: 1pm MWF....2pm TTh

390A Craig Hall,  phone 836-4831


Texts and Materials: Livy Book 1, Gaissner and McClain (eds., Bryn Mawr Commentary); 
or Livius Ab Urbe Condita,  Libri i-v, edd. Conway et Walters (OUP)
Elementary Latin Dictionary, Lewis  (or equivalent)
You should also have access to a good reference grammar (Goodwin, Gildersleeve, or equivalent)
 Online text and commentary: Livy Book 1 and Perseus
Bookmark and refer here regularly for updates

Objectives and Requirements: 

The aim of this course is to build reasonable facility and confidence in reading Latin prose of

 the Augustan era. Livy is our guide. We will try to cover major sections of books 1 and 2.

Along the way we will review and introduce more advanced grammar as needed or as suits the material  (beginning with review of basic verbs and infinitive constructions, week 1)


Try to master the reading passages for clear and accurate translation, but also practice  reading aloud:  much is lost if we miss that dimension of style and the way the phrasing 'flows'. 

You should be prepared to give the assignments a good, focused 3-4 hours preparation per meeting

(more if needed).


In our regular meetings you will not be allowed to use a prepared translation as a 'crutch'.

Of course when you prepare the assigned passage you may want to write out a translation,

but in class you will not be allowed to consult it.  Instead, you should keep and consult notes of new vocabulary, problematic grammar and phrasing. This rule is to discourage the insidious practice of memorizing a translation: Be prepared to read the Latin that is there.


The course grade will be the average of 2-3 quizzes (50-60%), homework and in-class exercises (15-20%); and final exam (25-30%). 

LTN 460 works toward addressing the following departmental B.S.Ed. criteria:  Ability to read, understand, and interpret written documents and works of literature in Latin where relevant, as well as in translation.

See Policy on Academic Integrity, Make-ups, special needs and non-discrimination.

Thorough preparation and active participation day-by-day is absolutely essential.

Aug. 26. . . Salvete! Introduction to Livy.

Livy’s ‘Advice to the Reader’

Noun chart exercise. ... Italia


Aug. 28....Livy 1.1. sections 1-5 (as time permits).

Begin review with Basic Verb Chart:

Vocab help: form infinitives.

Sept. 2 . Livy 1.1.6-10 (at least)

Sept. 4. Livy 1.2      Participle Review (and exercise)

Sept. 9 ..Livy 1.3 (vocab)

Early Rome and her Neighbors

Sept. 11 ...Livy 1.4-5 (vocab)   

           Review Subjunctive:    Form and Usage


Sept.  16...Quiz 1   Practice Quiz    Verblist


Sept. 18 … Liv.1.6-7  (Liv.1.6 init. oultined)


Liv. 1.7 outline        Early ROMA


Sept. 25-30 … Livy 1.9 outlined


Oct. 7 … Livy 1.11f outlined  (translate for hand-in)

  Oct. 21 … Livy 1.15.6-16.8

  Oct. 23 ... Livy 1. 17-18.5


Oct. 28 . . Quiz 2  (3 passages, Liv.1.8-18)

  Nov. 4 Livy 1. 20-21

  Nov. 6 . . .  Livy 1. 34-35.6

  Nov. 11 Livy 1. 36-7

Nov. 13 ...  meeting in Craig 316 (lab next door)

In-class exercise (small groups), Liv. 1.38.3-39 (esp. Servius Tullius)

  Nov. 18        Livy 1.40-1, murder of Tarquinius Priscus

  Nov. 20 … Livy 1. 44-5  (read over chh. 42-3 in English)

  Nov. 25 … Livy 1. 46-7

  Dec. 2 .... Livy 1. 47.7 - 49.3

   Dec. 4   ... Livy 1. 55-6

   Dec. 9 .... Livy 1. 56.9--58.5

  Dec.11 .... Livy 1.58.6–59.4 and review, chh. 34-6 (atp)



  Special Hours for Finals Week


Final Exam ...Tues. Dec. 16, 11am

         (or as arranged).