Greek 101: Sections 1 & 2,  meeting 11am and 2pm MWF    Fall 2006 

Dr. Edwin Carawan

Office Hours: 1pm M-F......390A Craig Hall, 836-4831

Texts and Materials: Balme & Lawall, Athenaze 2nd ed.(Oxford 2003); additional readings and exercises will be provided in handout and online.

Objectives and Requirements:
The chief aim of this course (and its sequels) is to build a basic reading knowledge of Greek, both for classical authors and koinÍ (New Testament). To this end, the text Athenaze will provide extensive practice in reading continuous prose, with daily passages gradually increasing in length and sophistication. And as we progress, we will work in additional readings from New Testament (primarily John). This approach lightens the burden of traditional grammar-based instruction and gives interesting background on ancient society. At times it will look like a lot of material but each lesson proceeds without any great increase in difficulty.

You will need to become comfortable with pronunciation for reading aloud: Just recognizing the written characters visually, without a sense of how it sounds, will not build a good command of the language. Students will have to read and respond in Greek daily.

As an aid to pronunciation most of the early lessons are linked to audio clips in the schedule below (or ask the instructor for an audio tape--very few available).

The course grade will be the average of 4 quizzes (50%), homework and in-class exercises (25%); and Final Exam (25 pts.).
    See also the general Policy Statement.
You are encouraged to study together, but homework must be your own work: any evidence of copied homework will be treated as plagiarism. Any academic dishonesty will be subject to sanctions (as listed in Student Academic Integrity, p.4) proportionate to the value of the work.

Special considerations: We strongly support University policies to accommodate students with disabilities and to prevent or remedy discrimination of any kind. If you have a concern or special need, please advise the instructor.     In regard to disabilities, you may also contact Disability Services (836-4192); regarding discrimination, the Equal Opportunity Officer (836-4252) or go to

    Thorough preparation and active participation day-by-day is essential.      

Schedule: chapters are indicated as Ath.1a, etc.; exercises as ex.1β, etc.  In Windows the font (Eng. & Greek) is Palatino Linotype (Unicode extended.)  For most Mac Users the Greek will appear as Lucida Grande on Safari or Firefox (but only with OS 10.2 or above). Older Macs will need to use Netscape or Mozilla to read this font properly.    Audio files are in mp3 format and may be copied.      ἐν ἀρχῆι ἦν ὁ λόγος ...


Aug. 21. . . Intro: Homer to the Gospels; the Greek alphabet and pronunciation.

Aug. 23-5. . .Athénaze 'Introduction'  vowels and diphthongs; ....consonants & practice...

    and Ath.1a:   (click on the icon)

Aug. 28. . .Ath. 1b: vocab & notesreading1b... exx. 1β-γ (written hand-in)

Memorable Beginnings (pronunciation practice)

Aug. 30-Sept. 1. . .Ath. 2a      Prepositions in Space-Time .    Verb Practice   Optional hand-in: exx 2β-γ   VerbPrax2

Sept. 6  ....Ath. 2b : Study vocab & grammar pp. 18-20 ;  do Cases (Win) (or Cases gif); then read the passage, p. 18-9,  Xanthias (cont.)

Sept. 8. Exx. 2 ζ- η, written;

Sept. 11....Practice for Quiz 1  (or if having font problems QuizPrax gif)  Recitation (from 'Memorable Beginnings')

Wed. Sept. 13 . . . Quiz 1. .

Sept. 15-20 . . Ath. 3a .....Ath 3b

Sept. 18...(1) Exx 3α-β (atp, not handin); (2) study grammar, pp.31-2; (3) Exx. 3γ-δ

Practice with plurals

  Sept. 20...  Exx.3 ε-ζ  written handin

Sept. 22-27. . . Ath. 4a-b. 

  Sept. 22. Ath4a (helpsheet)  Sentence Graph ...  trouble with  grammar jargon?

A-stem Practice

Sept. 25. Reading Ath4a  (approx. 1 hour)... Study the A-stem oddities in Ath 4b (vocab and grammar). Then do  Practice with Adjectives.

Sept. 27 (Wed.). (1) Reading Ath 4b;  be prepared for brief questions on content (like the ex. on p. 51)....(2)Ex.4λ hand in

Fri. Sept. 29. . .    Practice Quiz 2 Memoranda (p.53): Epitaph for Nicoteles......  Luke 6.45

Oct. 2 ....Quiz 2

Oct. 4..... Ath 5a, A-stem verbs      

Oct. 6...Reading Ath5a p.55:

Ex. 5δ (written handin)


Oct. 9...  Reading Ath5b1 (the wolf)

 in-class exercise (reading comprehension)


Oct. 11. . . . Ath5b2 (hero's welcome) (ex. 5 ζ- θ) ... Study pronouns, pp. 65-8.


Reading,  from John 2, Wedding at Cana, or John 2 ('BYOB)...  Anacreontic Τέττιξ

Oct. 13-23 . . . Ath. 6 a-b   Middle Voice

Oct. 13... study grammar, pp. 74-78; exx. 6γ,ε; begin reading 6a.

Oct. 16 ...Finish reading passage 6a; exx. 6α, η, θ ...Practice with Middle

Oct. 18 ...Reading passage 6b; exx. 6ι-μ

Oct. 23, Exx 6.ν 6-10, 6ξ 2-4 written **  Memorables (p. 93): Marriage  Luke 13.10-16

Wed. Oct. 25  . . .  Practice for Quiz 3 ... Vocab

(as time permits, pp. 91-2, 'Theseus abandons Ariadne')

Fri. Oct. 27 ...  . . . Quiz 3

Oct. 30-Nov. 6. . . Ath. 7a-b. .

Oct. 30 ...Study grammar, pp. 96-9, with  '3rd declension much simplified'; do ex. 7β

Nov. 1 ... Reading Ath7a; Comprehension Questions..... exx. 7γ-δ.

Nov. 3... Reading Ath7b: comprehension questions

Nov. 6 ... Written homework (handin): finish practice:  3rd declension; ex. 7ε, 5-10.  Begin reading p. 110 (atp).

Nov.8-13. . .Ath. 8a-b 

Nov.8... Begin with this Intro-to-Participles....(font problems? try Participles.gif). Study Vocab and grammar, pp. 112-16. Plus ex. (and 8γ, as time permits)

Nov. 10...Assignment for Ath 8a

Nov. 13 ... study vocab and grammar, pp. 122-6; read passage Ath 8b (attn to participles & 3rd decl.)

Nov. 15 ...Written handin, exx. 8δ. 3-10 & 8ε 1-7. Memorable passages 3 (pp. 121, 131)

Nov. 17 ...Prep for Quiz 4: Study pp. 128-9; do exx. 8ζ 3-10 & 8η 1-7.  Begin reading p. 130 (atp)

Practice with 3rd declension & Participles

Mon. Nov. 20. . . Quiz 4

Nov.27- Ath. 9a: study grammar, pp. 135-7; read the passage (9α) with ex. 9a.1 (ID active participles)--> Exercise

Nov. 29  ... Exx. 9β, γ, δ 1-3 (p. 137)  Πᾶς & Participle-endings

Dec. 1...  Study grammar, pp. 145-7 ; read the passage, Ath. 9b ... Ath9b cont.

Dec. 4 ... Written hand-in: exx. 9ε-ζ (pp. 146-7) ... 'Odysseus & Circe' (p.149f)

Memorable passages, p. 151: Simonides 76; ... Luke 6. 31-3; ....Luke 6 cont.

Dec 4-6. . . Review and Luke 2  (font problems? try Luke 2gif)      Reading aloud ..... Practice for translation on Final

Noun Chart ........Early Christian Hymn (3rd c. AD?)

Final Exam ...Mon. Dec. 11 at 11am or Wed. Dec. 13 at 1:15...

        **Schedule for Finals week**