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         γηράσκω δ' αἰεὶ, πολλὰ διδασκόμενος


Texts and Materials: Balme & Lawall, Athenaze (Oxford 2003) vol.  II. Additional readings and exercises will be provided in handout and online.  You should also have Liddell & Scott, An Intermediate Greek-English Lexicon.

The native font for Windows  (Eng. & Greek) is Palatino Linotype (Unicode extended.)  Mac Users may need to adjust Browsers: Safari or Firefox should read this material accurately in any Unicode extended font that has the full set of Greek characters, such as Lucida Grande or Gentium.   Audio files are provided in mp3 format and may be copied.


Objectives and Requirements:

This course is the third step toward a basic reading knowledge of classical and koine Greek. We begin with a review of essential vocabulary and grammar from previous semesters, and then move on to more complex constructions--subjunctives, indirect statement, etc. After Quiz 2 we will pick up the pace of the grammar survey and dispense with some of the regular readings in Athenaze, in order to read more excerpts from New Testament and historical narratives (esp. Josephus).

    Keep up your practice in pronunciation, reading and responding aloud in Greek. Try to master the reading passages for clear and accurate translation; but don't be stumped by the odd word or phrase--Read On!

    The course grade will be an average of (4) quizzes (50%), homework and in-class exercises (25%), and Final Exam (25%)


Cooperative learning and integrity. You are encouraged to study together, but homework must be your own work: any evidence of copied homework will be treated as plagiarism. Any academic dishonesty will be subject to sanctions (as listed in Student Academic Integrity, p.4) proportionate to the value of the work.       See also the general Policy Statement.

   Special considerations: We strongly support University policies to accommodate students with disabilities and to prevent or remedy discrimination of any kind. If you have a concern or special need, please advise the instructor.     In regard to disabilities, you may also contact Disability Services (836-4192); regarding discrimination, the Equal Opportunity Officer (836-4252) or go to


Thorough preparation and active participation is absolutely essential.


Aug. 24. . . Χαίρετε! Review. Have a look at the final.  Pompey takes Jerusalem

Aug. 26.... Review nouns and adjectives  using the old 'Noun Chart'  ... Re-read 18α, 'Asklepios' (p. 19)

Aug. 28...Verb Review regular and contract, using the Verb Chart  ... Re-read 18β, pp. 26-7.  (Dicaiopolis scoffs at War)

principal parts  ex.?

Aug. 31 .Verb Review,   cont.:  -μι verbs and synopses;

practice with synopses.

Review grammar in ch. 18a, pp. 20-2, with ex. 18b; then study grammar ch. 19b, pp.49-51, & do exx. 19ε-ζ (atp)

Sept. 2 ...   Participles and infinitives: Study  Participle Review;  then study grammar ( ch. 20γ), pp.58-9;  do ex. 20β (p.60).  PARTICIPLE CHART

Sept. 4. Homework (handin):  ex. 20γ .More Practice (Part Key). Read ὁ Νόστος (20γ) pp. 56-7.  (atp)


Sept. 9... Study pp. 64-8, and do exx. 20ζ-η.

  (Practice Quiz) ...Part Key to Practice Quiz


Sept. 11 . . . Quiz 1

(focusing on Grammar Review, with sentences from Ath. 18α-β & 20γ, passages in Bear-Red above)


Sept. 14-18 . . . Athenaze II Ch. 21: Subjunctive made simple

Sept. 14...  1) Study vocab and grammar, pp.75-9

  (2) ex.21β ... (3) read from Matt.26 with attn to subjunctives.

Sept. 16 ... Written hand-in: ex. 21γ 5-10 & 21δ: 1-4.....

  Cont. Matt.26 atp.

Sept. 18 ... (1) Study grammar ch.21b; (2) begin reading passage 21a-b

Sept. 21 ... Exx. 21η-θ; cont. passage 21b.

Sept. 23 ... Study subjunctive clauses pp. 92-6. Go to War in Greek

  Read 22a, p. 91.  ... Subjunctive Practice from 21b.

Sept. 25...Exercise 22γ (p. 97) hand-in (1-6, 9-10, both versions).

 Cont. reading, 22a

Sept. 28... Subjunctive Practice, Matt. 5.17ff.; 23.1-3 continue reading 22a-b. Study Sneaky little verbs

Sept. 30... Finish Matt Subjunctive Prax. Study pp. 102-3 indirect questions: do  ex. 22d, 4-10.   [Matt. 26.47ff., atp]

Oct. 2 ... Read 'ΝΟΣΟΣ' (p.104); do ex. ε 1-3.  Review and Practice Quiz


Mon. Oct. 5. . . Quiz 2


Oct. 7 ... Ath. ch. 23a:  indirect statement: study vocab. p.106 and grammar p. 108-11; ex. 23a (all) and 23b. 1- 5.

Oct. 9 ... Ch. 23b  study  grammar pp. 116-19;  exx. 23δ-ε.   Read passage Περικλῆς, p. 120-1, with ex. 23 ζ.(atp)

Oct. 12 ... Review Indirect Statement  Handin ex.  23γ 4-10.

  'Alexandra and the Pharisees'


Oct. 14 ...Ch. 24a study vocab (p. 124) & grammar (126-8)

  Practice w/ exx. 24a-g. 

Oct. 19.. Finish 'Alexandra'.  Practice with Infinitives   

Oct. 21... (1) Study 24b, vocab & grammar pp. 134-5  (2)  read 'Herodotus introduces his history' pp. 136-7; (3) Hesiod on the Ages, p. 138 (atp)            

Oct. 23... Review. Return to Matt.   Guide to Quiz 3    Essential comparatives


Oct. 26 . . . Quiz 3


Oct. 28 . . . Ath. ch. 25a: Study the vocab and grammar for the Optative, pp.142-6; (2 patterns for optative endings--what difference?) Short cut to the optative.

Then try your hand at exx. 25α, β, δ (pp.143--7)

Oct. 30 ... Practice with Optative.  Examples of Optative in Luke

More (interesting) Optative in Luke  (Paul and the Ἄγνωστος Θεός)

Nov. 2 ... Read passage 25a p. 141 (Croesus), w ex. 25ε for in-class exercise.

Nov. 4 ...  Read 25β, p.150-1,.Study Sneaky Optatives, begin exx. 25 θ& ι

Nov. 6 ... (1)  Ex 25ι, 2-10 written hand-in. (2) 'Solon angers Croesus' (p. 157 ).

Nov. 9-18 ... Continue with  the story of Croesus, Ath. ch. 26; practice with optative.

Verb chart for subjunctive and optative    Practice synopses (including subj. & opt.) 

    Nov. 9 ...Study Conditions, pp. 162-4, and read Ath 26α (p. 161)

    Nov. 11 ...  Ex. 26β 2-10, written hand-in ... Synopsis-δείκνυμι

    Nov. 13  ...Ath 26β: study pp.171-2; cont.with 'Croesus' (168-70)

    Nov. 16 ... Ex. 26γ, 'Ἄδρηστος ἑαυτὸν σφάζει' (pp. 174-5)

    Nov. 18 ... Review and Prep for Quiz 4  (idioms &Vocab help)

Basic Constructions

Nov. 20 . . . Quiz 4 .......Translation from ' Croesus'     

  plus synopsis w/ subjunctive and optative)

Nov. 23 ... Ath. ch. 27a: study grammar, pp. 183-8, summary of Perfect Middle, and begin, 'Croesus against Cyrus...' (+ p.179)

                  (Nov.25-7, Thanksgiving break)

Nov. 30 ... Exx. 27b-e (optional hand-in, 27d-e); cont. 'Croesus...'

Dec. 2 .... Ath. ch. 27b Study pp. 196-9; exx.  27θ-ι; cont. 'Croesus...'

Dec. 4 ... Exx. 27κ-λ hand-in; (atp) finish 'Croesus against Cyrus' (pp. 194-5).

Dec. 7 ...Start with Verb review on Final Guide (below) left column and one synopsis. Read the excerpt from John  11, pp. 177-8.

Dec. 9 ..Final Guide: continue Verb review, column 2. Read 'Labda' (pp. 200-1).

              Final Guide       


Final Exam ... Wed. Dec. 16, 1:15