Greek 102                                         Spring 2009


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         γηράσκω δ' αἰεὶ, πολλὰ διδασκόμενος


Texts and Materials: Balme & Lawall, Athenaze (Oxford 2003) vol. I, &. II;  additional readings and exercises are linked to this web-page.

The font (Eng. & Greek) is Palatino Linotype (Unicode extended.)  Mac Users may need to adjust Browsers: Safari or Firefox will read this material accurately as Lucida Grande  (but only with OS 10.2 or above).     Audio files are provided in mp3 format and may be copied.

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Objectives and Requirements:
This course is the second step toward a basic reading knowledge of classical and koine  Greek. In the first semester we learned the main declensions for nouns, adjectives and pronouns, along with the basic present-tense endings for thematic verbs. Now in the second semester we devote ourselves to mastering the other major parts of the Greek verbal system--past, future,  and into the subjunctive (leaving perfect and optative for 3rd semester). We shall follow much the same approach: work out with the grammar and vocabulary, and read, read, read! 

   Keep up your practice in pronunciation, reading and responding aloud in Greek. Try to master the passages in Athenaze with greater clarity: these passages are designed to build comprehension and confidence in reading continuous prose--so that when you turn to read the unabridged text of New Testament and ancient authors, you can proceed with reasonable facility. 

    The course grade will be the average of 3 quizzes (50%), homework and in-class exercises (25%); and final exam (25%). 
You are encouraged to study together, but homework must be your own work: any evidence of copied homework will be treated as plagiarism. Any academic dishonesty will be subject to sanctions (as listed in Student Academic Integrity, p.4) proportionate to the value of the work.    See also the general Policy Statement.   

   Special considerations: We strongly support University policies to accommodate students with disabilities and to prevent or remedy discrimination of any kind. If you have a concern or special need, please advise the instructor.     In regard to disabilities, you may also contact Disability Services (836-4192); regarding discrimination, the Equal Opportunity Officer (836-4252) or go to


Thorough preparation and active participation is absolutely essential.


Jan 12. . . Χαίρετε! Warm up and Look back at the final.

Jan 14. . . Review of nouns and adjj. esp. Ath. 7-9.  --Noun Chart--

Another look at Luke 2

Jan 16-21. . . Review verbs and participles more participle prax

Jan. 23 ... Review pp. 145-6, with ex. 9ε.

Ath. 10 and the Future!  Study Verb Preview 154-5, pp. 158-60;

ex. 10a simplified: write out future forms for βλέπω, φυλάττω, κτλ.)


Jan. 26 ... exx 10β-γ.  Begin Reading 10α (atp) (1) (2) (3)

    Practice with Future   (with Key)

Jan. 28 .. ..Ex. 10δ, 6-10, ε 1-5 (handin)

     Theognis aloud or Luke 6.35-6 (p. 163)

Jan. 30 .. Read Ath. 10b (1) (2) (3)  Question & Answer

Plus ex. 10η (atp)

Feb. 2. ...Exx. 10ι-λ.  Dramatic reading?! p. 173: Archilochus 'Spear'....

(for Feb. 4, prepare either Luke 5.30ff.   or the passage on p. 172)  

Feb. 4 ...Ath 11 and Into the Past! 2nd aorist intro

 ...Study grammar and vocab., pp.174-81.

Feb. 6... study the new forms (and review old; then write out from memory pres. fut. & aorist for λείπω, γίγνομαι, λαμβάνω.

Then do Aorist Prax.

Feb. 9 ...Ex. 11ε, ζ 4-10, η 3-7 (written handin). Begin passage 11α  'ἰατρός'

   Theognis Abroad...Luke Beatitudes 

Feb. 11 ...Exx. 11λ & μ; reading p. 187 (atp)

          Practice Quiz   (part key)   

Feb. 13 ...Quiz 1  (Ath 10-11) esp. (1) parts listed pp. 181, 189; (2)  exx.  in ch. 11; (3) reading in Ath 11 (as far as we get)    [no class Feb. 16]


Feb. 18-25 ...Ath. 12: the other aorist, Warm-up

Feb. 18...Study  grammar, pp. 196-9; Exx. 12γ-ε.

Feb. 20.  Read passage Ath12α (1) (2) w/ex. 12α; make list of key verbs with 1st aorist    Queries for the reading.

Feb.23 ...homework: exx. 12 ζ-η (handin) Luke 15 (p.203)

Feb. 25...Ath12β paragr. 2-4 (2) (3). Study 207; exx. 12ι-κ.

Study Verblist 2 (1st & 2nd aorist).

... Practice with Aorist


Feb. 27 -Mar.9. . . Ath. 13: yet another past--the imperfect

Feb. 27...Study pp. 214-17; do exx. 13γ-δ.    (Omit reading 13α)

Mar. 2...Study vocab and gram.(224-8); read Ath 13β (p. 223): paragr. 1; paragr. 2-3    Noun chart (with s-stems)

Mar. 4 ...Written handin: exx. 13ε (p. 218) 1-6, & 13η(all) 

Mar. 6 ... 'Xerxes Crosses' (228-9, w/ background 218-21)

Memorable readings, p.231:  Archilochus 122; Luke 21

 Mar. 9 ... Verb prax for Quiz 2.   

Mar. 11. . . Quiz 2   Review Principal Parts (Verblist 2 )

Mar. 13-18. . . Ath. 14: comparatives etc.

Mar. 13 ....Study gram.pp.234-7; read Ath 14α, 233-4.

Mar. 16 ... Exx. 14β-γ  Archilochus' Shield .... Luke 10.25

Mar. 18...Demonstratives. Study vocab and read passage Ath 14β, p. 243.   Luke 10 'Good Samaritan'


Mar. 20 ... Ath.15α       Matthew 21 (audio) 

<< Spring Break, Mar. 23-27>>


Mar. 30...Exx. 15β 2-8 & γ 3--6 (pp.253-4).

  ΄Matthew 22  (audio for 22.2-9)

Apr. 1. Ath 15β (beginning and end):

transl. 3 paragrs, pp. 260-1 (lines 18-40) handin

Apr. 3. Read pp. 264-5; ex. 15η: 1-2, 4-5      Matt.22.15


Apr. 6 . . . Quiz 3 (Ath 14-15)


Apr. 8 ...  Study vocab grammar, Ath 16;

Practice with Athematics (all you need from ch. 16) [no class 4/10]

     OPEN Athenaze vol. II !!


Apr.13-20... Ath 17, Aorist Passive

Apr. 13 ...Read Intro; Study pp. 4-6; exx. 17α

Apr. 15 ...Homework (hand-in) 17γ 5-10 & 17δ 1-5.

Apr.  17 ...Study pp.13-14 & Read Ath 17β, pp.10-12.

 Apr. 20...   Practice.  Exx. 17ζ-η.


Apr. 22-29 ...Ath. 18 (δίδωμι & τίθημι)

     It's all about -μι ...

Apr. 22 ... Study pp. 20-2, do ex. 18β, and Read passage 18α (p.19)

    Participles made plain .... Participle chart

Apr. 24 ...Exx. 18γ 5-15, δ 3-10, ε 4-5

Apr. 27...Study pp. 29-31, do a synopsis of τίθημι --3rd sing.; exx. 18θ 4-15, ι 4-9, κ 3-5 hand-in.

Apr. 29 . . . John 18, 'The Trial'   Audio  ...  cont.

Key verbs (learn at least half). Practice synopses: esp.

   1) 3rd sing. (s/he), either ἀκούω or πράττω

   2) 3rd pl. (they), either δίδωμι or  τίθημι 


May 1-6 . . . Ath. 19α, gen. abs., intro ἵστημι

May 1 ... Study pp. 38-41; exx. 19α (1-8) & γ (all)

May 4 ... Study pp. 49-50;  begin John 19-20

   ( John 19.1-6, Audio)

May 6 . . . Pre-final  Practice

       Final Guide


Wednesday May 13: Final Exam ... 11am

Schedule for Final Period